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Order Me Some Pilates

Ever find yourself in the middle of a conversation with a super-psyched person, all eager to tell you about Pilates class? Yes? Ok. Does the thought, "What in the world is Pilates, anyway?" pop into your head? Also Yes? You are in luck! In mere paragraphs, I will break down the ins and outs of that mysterious practice which looks a lot like yoga.

What in the World is Pilates?

Pilates is a movement system which works the body from the inside out. You are not off base for confusing Pilates and Yoga. Joseph Pilates, founder of Pilates, drew elements from yoga, tai chi, martial arts and Zen meditation. So there are movements such as plank in yoga which we call Leg Pull Front Support. We practice Pilates on the mat, on a Reformer, and on some other equipment which helps work the core and improve posture. Joseph Pilates had a mission - to help his students learn to use their minds to:

  • develop high levels of strength and beauty

  • achieve proper breathing patterns

  • foster practices so effective they improve, even cure, some diseases and health issues

Are Unicorns Real?

Perhaps. But the "magic" of Pilates is definitely real. In the three years I have been practicing Pilates, I was able to cut down on asthma and allergy medication. This decrease in meds is huge. I spent the better part of thirty years struggling to breathe on a regular basis. And now? Very few sick days. And I'm not the only one. I get reports from clients all the time about:

  • decreases in back pain

  • increases in flexibility

  • feelings of overall wellness

Pilates really does work! And much like yoga, Pilates can be practiced just about anywhere. All you need is a thick mat, a little bit of space and some time. #pilates #fitness #personaltrainer #pilatesinstructor #awal

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