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The Storm

The Storm

A Poem By A. MoJo

The Good Book says

We should weather the storm,

Stay the course,

Trust GOD to form

Us into His holy image.

Each trial that comes

Is another blessing,

A reshaping,

One, two, three testing,

GOD is speaking

Are you listening?

Does GOD have your attention,

Pulled you away

From every distraction?

Good, now you get it

Now you can focus

On GOD's great plan,

Be His vessel.

Now you understand

Why He let you suffer.

But what if you

Are the amazing storm,

Born to disturb

This norm and that norm?

What, then, do you weather?

A mighty downpour,

A beautiful gale,

What if you are

That which you must prevail

In times of excess rain?

Well we must believe

GOD loves His little storm,

Can use your chaos

To reshape and reform

An otherwise rigid world

So just hold on,

Lovely little storm,

Please be strong,

Reform the norm,

Hold on, hold on.

Hold on.

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